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Stories From the Chapel- E-books and Hardcopies

This is an anthology created by fans of "Night of the Living Dead" which features forewards by Gary Streiner, as well as creator of the "Autumn" series, David Moody. Introduction by Alfredo Torres. Front Cover art by Robert Elrod; back cover photo by Joel Wlodarczyk. Proceeds go to help restore the chapel. Read More 

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Artist of the Week- Shane "Horror DrawRer" Ryan

Each week we will be featuring one of the artists involved in supporting the chapel with their art. Our ninth week features the horrifying work of Shane Ryan. His gallery will be filled at the end of his week...stay tuned! Until then, have a look at our   Past Artists here 


    Twisted Thoughts

Chapel Replicas & More Available in Our Online Store!

Official posters, t-shirts and merchandise are now available in our updated store including a brand-new chapel replica collectible, and authentic artifacts from the actual cemetery chapel as seen in "Night of the Living Dead"  Shop Now 

    Authentic 'Night of the Living Dead' Chapel Replica by David H. Kennedy

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